Bristol Suspensions | University of Bristol

Rachael sits down with The Bristol Suspensions to talk about their submission, The Heartburn Song, which won the group an award for Outstanding Arrangement for Oscar Andrusier, with Robbie Armstrong, Nathan Cave, and Rosa Witts at semis!

Check out their submission here:

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Rachael speaks with 2021 Canadian Open finalists, PWRCHRD, about their submission, Call Me, which won them Outstanding Arrangement and Outstanding Mix at semis!

Listen to their submission here:

SoundProof | Kansas City, MO

Rachael speaks with ICHSA finalists from the midwest, SoundProof, about their 2021 ICHSA submission, for which they won awards for Outstanding Choreography for Phoebe Mock and Molly McBride and Outstanding Soloist for Cara Parisi in the semis and Outstanding Soloist for Cara Parisi at finals!

Listen to the group here:

On That Note | Ryerson University

On That Note submitted “Comfortable” (opb Greta Isaac) / “Rebel (I Find It Hard To Say)” (opb Lauryn Hill) for ICCA.

Check out their entry at:

Note to Self | Binghamton University

Note to Self won awards for Outstanding Arrangement for Liam Coen, Rebecca Colao, & Samuel LaGrego; Outstanding Choreography for Danielle Germain; Outstanding Videography for Danielle Germain, Liam Coen, & Rebecca Colao; and Outstanding Mix for Mathew Baldwin for Ribs” (opb. Lorde).

Check out their entry at:

The hOWLers | The Athenian School

The hOWLers submitted this powerful video on injustice for ICHSA:

The Water Boys | University of Waterloo

The Water Boys won an award for Outstanding Mix for Alisa Lin for “Levitating” (opb Dua Lipa).

Check out their entry at:

The Ransom Notes | University of Chicago

The Ransom Notes won awards for Outstanding Vocal Percussion for Wonyoung Jang and Outstanding Soloist Taera Kang & Achu Menon for their set, “Better”.

Check out their entry at:

Ryenamics | Ryerson University

Ryenamics won awards for Outstanding Vocal Percussion for Bryce Mace, Outstanding Choreography for Maeve Devries, Outstanding Videography for Maeve Devries, and Outstanding Mix for Max Marshall & Lyara Malvar for their set, “Money Everywhere”.

Check out their entry at:

The Buffalo Chips | University of Buffalo

The Buffalo Chips won awards for Outstanding Videography for Eric DeVore and Outstanding Mix for John Bologna for “As The Romans Do” (opb. Theo Katzman).

Check out their entry at: